Despite his age, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to play at a high level in the most competitive league, although lately the Portuguese player is not as happy as before. The player and the head coach have a conflict, the situation was heated during the summer transfer window, when Ronaldo was already looking for a new club. Now he has many times less playing time, he increasingly starts matches on the bench. Of course, such a situation does not suit the player very much. 

Now the most popular version of the new club for Cristiano is the American Team Inter Miami. David Beckham personally invited the player to his club. There are also rumors that the player may move to the German championship, Bayern or Borussia Dortmund.

Manchester expects the player to leave in January, there is nothing to hide, the player made his final decision back in the summer and there are a number of reasons for that. In the summer, the player did not leave only because the head coach assured the player that he needs him.

Despite his playing form Ronaldo, no longer plays at his usual level, his age is already making itself felt. Last year, in 39 games Cristiano scored only 24 goals, and, it would seem, a very good statistic, but not for the Portuguese. Such a result he showed back in 2006 at the beginning of his career. It is a weak performance, but only by the standards of Ronaldo.

Very soon, Ronaldo’s team will meet with West Ham in the English Premier League. The Portuguese may well go into the base for this match to try to bring important points to his team, to make the viewing of this match or any other, you can turn to the guys from the online sport betting Nigeria.

Right now, the Portuguese has to settle for playing time in Europa League matches. Surely such a situation is not very pleasant for the best scorer in the history of the Champions League. Ronaldo’s opinion that Ten Hague is using him inappropriately is shared by some experts. For example, former Manchester United captain Roy Keane felt that marinating Cristiano on the bench is simply disrespectful to a player of his status.

In the winter transfer window, the situation could be different, it is not ruled out that the player will not go anywhere and will remain in Manchester City at least until the summer. That being said, the Portuguese’s complicated relationship with his once hometown team is still coming to an end – Cristiano’s contract with United expires at the end of the season.


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