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Master Writer 3.0 Review: All Professional Writing Tools in One Program

Sometimes, the success of a song, a story, or an academic paper depends on the software you use to work on it. Large pieces may need searching tools, automatic organizing, dictionary, and even audio recorder to be convenient to navigate. In this Master Writer 3.0 review, we’ll see all that and more as one affordable program that has already helped thousands of professional writers contracted by

What is Master Writer?

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Master Writer is an application that boosts writing creativity and allows you to focus on the work rather than on the tools you need. It’s a web-based program, so you can access it from any device at any place that has an Internet connection. The app is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS.

Everything is by hand due to the comfortable build of the software. Here you have basic formatting, spellcheck, an in-built dictionary that will find a synonym or a rhyme aside from its regular use. The program doesn’t make local copies automatically, but it saves your work online every time you make a change, so you don’t have to remind yourself of it all the time.

Master Writer app draws attention to its interface, first of all. It’s kind of old-school looking, like those programs from the 90s. Some love it, some think it’s too out of time. Nevertheless, most agree that the software creates a writing bubble that helps gain focus and forget about distractions.

How to use Master Writer?

This is one of the most user-friendly text editors, so using it for the first time won’t take much research. There’s not much to explain about the usage:

Open the app;Write or insert the needed text into the corresponding window;Click on “Spell” to make sure you’re spellchecked; Click “Format” to see the formatting tools;Find “Dictionaries” and “The World” at the top of the screen for later use;Explore the tools and get benefits.

There are plenty of instruments in its menus, including a dictionary and encyclopedia. Those in particular help fighting procrastination. See, oftentimes writers tend to look up one word or article and end up spending hours online. We’re sure you’ve experienced this productivity killer, but those times are over now.

What are the features of the software?

Master Writer is full of special features that make your writing bubble complete. It includes:

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (updated regularly);The Synonym Finder (one of the best thesauruses);User-created word groups;Spellcheck;Split-screen build (your text in one window, your dictionary search in another one nearby);Gathered encyclopedia (Wikipedia articles included);Accessibility from any device and OS;Comprehensive “how-to” guide (press the “Help” button);Audio recorder for commentary and tunes.

The Dictionaries: How They Work

Master Writer software dictionary and thesaurus don’t only perform their initial tasks. You can look for useful phrases, alliterations, abbreviations, and even rhymes. Poems and songs come out much faster when you have a storage full of perfectly rhyming words.

Besides, you can search for the needed word by:

Number of syllables;Meaning;Precision of rhyming;Part of speech, etc.

The filters will help you find the needed phrase in no time. All the filters are in a logical order, so you’ll understand how to use them very easily.

You can also put words in groups to use them later. In writing, you’ll need a lot of synonyms, so having a list for the most needed words saves a lot of time.

The Encyclopedia: How It Works

The encyclopedia within the program contains some 11,000 articles. You can find anything there from lists of countries and first names to the Old and New Testament. This is especially helpful for writers who care about the correctness and appropriate use of terms and names. It also boosts the creating process since you focus on the story rather than the details that take so much time to research.

The article base is divided into categories so you don’t get lost in the volumes of information provided.

Who can use Master Writer?

Master Writer reviews state that anyone from a first-year student to a professional storyteller or songwriter can use this software. Everyone will find something to ease the writing and editing processes. We recommend the program to those who:

Want to improve their writing skills;Want to write faster;Need to enrich their vocabulary;Need more knowledge of the topic without having to surf online for a long time;Are on a quest for perfect rhymes;Want to start writing their first story;Want to finish their 500-page book, and so on.

The app was built with users in mind, so it’s a must-have for everyone who is connected to writing in any way.

How much does Master Writer cost?

Master Writer software costs $9.95 a month if you reactivate the membership every 30 days. You can also buy a one- or two-year license for $99 and $149 accordingly. Considering the range of features you get for this money, that’s quite affordable. We don’t say you won’t need any other software to complete the editing process, but this program will take most of the action!

To sum up, the real value is the quality of the tools rather than the appearance. You know how people write their best books and songs in their safe place. It can be a garden, a country house, or a secret place they used to go as a kid. Nowadays, as everything gets digitalized, such places may become applications just like

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