In the digital world we are living in, online education is spreading at a faster rate among educators and learners. With the growing competition, several online courses are being launched. To make your course different, unique, and the most preferred one, effective promotion is important. Demo classes are very beneficial in online course promotion. 

A demo class is a class where the educator teaches a group of interested students a particular topic and gives an overview of the course, and its services. To win buyers’ trust, give them a proper idea of your course services, get quality feedback and expand your online teaching business, demo sessions help in many ways. Let us discuss the benefits of giving demo classes. 

Benefits of giving demo sessions 

. Get more enrollments 

Many times, students stay confused about whether they should join your course or not. They make assumptions or trust false opinions. Without having any proper idea, they might not opt for your course. The solution to this problem is giving demo classes. 

When students attend these demo sessions, they get a proper idea about the teaching pattern, course services, and more. Once satisfied, students decide to take admissions. This will help you to get higher student enrollment rates.  This way, the professional and financial growth of the online course creator is guaranteed. 

. Adds to the course services

Whenever an online course creator has to sell and promote their course, they mention the services offered by them. For example, fee discounts, effective study material, doubt classes, and unlimited access to study resources are a few services that teachers mention on their course website, brochures, and other advertising platforms. When free demo classes will also be added, they will catch better student attention and contribute to your course growth and success. 

. Helps in the betterment of the course

When teachers give demo classes and take students’ reviews in the end, it serves as course improvement and betterment. Teachers can ask students what the learning experience was and how effective they found the teaching practices. The positive response received will help in the growth of the course. Also, the suggestions received, and students’ needs will help to make necessary additions to your course services and improve. 

How to give effective demo classes 

1. Have in-depth subject knowledge 

Demo classes are very important for effective course promotion and sales. So teachers must give their best here. To do so, having an in-depth understanding and knowledge of your subject is important. Whatever topic you have decided to teach in the demo class, make sure to read and research it well. Have a clear, in-depth, and up-to-date knowledge of all the planned topics. This will help you to teach effectively, meet the curiosity of students and set a positive impression on them. 

2. Use audio-visual tools to teach 

Understanding the applicative and theoretical topics from the textbooks becomes difficult for students. Also, listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring and less engaging for students. Therefore teachers must use multimedia in the demo classes. 

Using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker.  

3. Ensure proper doubt resolution 

Many students face understanding issues or some of them are quite curious to know more as well. Selling courses becomes easy and quick when demo classes include doubt resolution. Once done with the teaching topic, allow students to ask doubts. You can tell them to press the hand raise option and get doubts answered one by one. Teachers can give written explanations and answers via the chat box facility of the educational apps too. 

4. End the class with fee offers and discounts 

Course selling becomes successful by following this tip in the demo classes. Once done with the teaching portions, end your class by discussing the fee discounts, complimentary services, and offers being provided by you. By getting offers, and discounts, students will become more interested in buying your course, as it gives financial support and becomes budget-friendly for all. 


For selling online courses better, effective promotion is very important. One of the best promotional techniques is giving demo sessions to the students. By reading the above-mentioned information we get to know the benefits of giving free demo sessions. We also discussed a few tips that educators can follow to teach effectively and deliver quality demo classes to the learners. 


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