I’ve recently been taking some time to share my writing with you all. And while I’m getting to that, I wanted to include the most recent topic I’ve been working on. I’m so excited to share my process with you all. The goal of the process was to create a series of poems that would be read aloud, and then I would read the poems out loud, one at a time.

These poems were called “tattoos” and were drawn by myself. I took the original poem, pasted it onto a piece of paper, and then traced the lines as they were in the poem. After tracing the lines, I went to my computer and cut the paper into strips. I then used my printer and ink-jet to print the paper strips onto a piece of paper. I then folded the paper in half and wrote the poem in the middle of the paper.

As they say, “you can’t do that with ink.” However, I felt that the poem would be read more easily with ink than the original one. Once I had printed my two poems, I folded them and put them in a frame. Then I put the frame in a box and put it in an envelope.

This is the most recent trailer. The first trailer I played in, and the first trailer I posted about it, are still being played.

The second trailer I posted about the first one, I posted about the second one, and then I posted about the third one.

I have a couple of new tumblr poets I’d like to get to know better, so I’ll be featuring them here, and I hope you’ll check them out.

I think it is important to be able to take a break from the daily grind, so I’ve created a new tumblr that is a place for me to slow down and just be me. I’m going to keep a diary here, a journal, and a personal blog, as well as trying to keep up with posting new poems here.

I feel like it’s a perfect time to add that to my post, so Ive created a new tumblr called “Cinema” that is a place for me to stay updated, as I work on The Fall of the House and the Fall of the Planet. The name of this tumblr is probably a bit misleading, but it is meant to be a place for me to stay and make a place for myself to be more productive.

I’ll be posting new poems here as well, as well as other things that I think are fun and inspirational. Also, it’s a place for me to be able to keep a diary and journal and not feel I’m just doing that stuff all the time.


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