After I was finished writing this, I looked at my notes and felt a bit guilty, but not the least bit guilty too. I thought, “This is where you ought to be, doing this.” I had this thought many years ago and I was thinking “wow, this is my life.” But I didn’t think much about it.

Like many people, I am a perfectionist. I can be a perfectionist about my work. I can be a perfectionist about my home, my life, my finances. But there are so many areas in which I have no control. And because I have no control, I am always at the mercy of my past mistakes, my failures, and my own ignorance.

This is the essence of self-awareness. The part of ourselves that we don’t know we don’t know, because we don’t want to know. So we put ourselves at the mercy of our past mistakes, our failures, and our own ignorance. This is the essence of self-awareness.

The fact is that we are all imperfect and often ignorant, but we do not have the luxury of putting ourselves at the mercy of our mistakes. We are on autopilot while we are constantly being mistaken and our actions often lead to others making the same mistakes and we are the ones that are being mistaken. This is the essence of autotune.

Autotune is a software that helps you to find a more pleasing pitch for your voice, or, as we say in the podcast, “to get the best out of the voice you have”. This software uses techniques like a table of contents, a search term (for example, “the table of contents for this article”), and the first few lines of text in your writing to try and predict how you will say the words.

In other words, autotune is learning to not overthink your voice, and learning to find a pitch that sounds right in the first, very first moments.

I think autotune is great for many reasons, but I also think that it can be a helpful tool for writers to start developing confidence in their voice. I mean, the idea of trying to come up with a pitch that will sound good in the first few seconds is daunting, but if you let your work speak for itself, it can be very freeing.

The problem is that if you want to write the equations of a book, you have to have them in a spreadsheet. I use Excel spreadsheets to get the math involved in my writing. However, I don’t need to use the spreadsheet to read it, but instead I use Excel to write the equations for my book, and that’s it right there. (My book is available on Amazon.

Yeah, and the answer key is also in an Excel spreadsheet. I use the answer key to read it in the order I would prefer it, so its easier to read and faster than trying to figure out the formula in the first few seconds. Its basically a spreadsheet of the answers that I’ve tried to answer since I’ve started writing this.

If you’re a math person, this is a great way to start off. You get a lot more practice on this, and if you don’t know how to read the answers, this won’t hurt you.


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