If you’ve ever been to the office, you know that there are always a few people who can’t seem to get themselves out of their head. This goes the same way. When our brains start to wander, a distraction is added. That distraction could be a phone call, a text, a photo on Facebook, or an email. When we’re distracted, we tend to see things in new ways and we forget why we looked at them in the first place.

In our new writing center, we have a distraction we don’t want you to see. Like a distracting phone call from a friend who is dying from cancer, a text from your sister who is in the hospital, or a Facebook picture of a kitten.

This distraction is called “writing center appointments.” Our time in the writing center is our own, so we have a very small number of appointments per week (as opposed to our normal daily one), and we have to keep our writing center appointment schedule to the minute. As a result, sometimes we end up missing an appointment.

Writing center appointments are important because they are one of the few times that you can actually get away from the phone and the computer. It’s also one of the few times where you aren’t surrounded by distractions, like your phone and computer. It’s also one of the few times that you have a chance to actually take something in your hands and write. And, lastly, it’s one of the few times that your mind can actually be quiet.

The reason is that writing center appointments are not entirely boring. It’s more like a routine than an appointment. It means that you don’t actually take anything in your hands, and it makes you want to think.

Writing center appointments are like going to the dentist. It’s like you are taking the pain away from your teeth, and you are actually making them healthier. You are not just filling them up, you are actually taking something away. The actual appointment itself is a brief period of time that the dentist has allotted for it.

In fact, you can get writing center appointments in other areas of life too. It’s just that the dentist appointment is the one that we are talking about.

I can’t really argue with this.

Writing center appointments are really, really, really good for your teeth. And the results are so good that I have even been known to make them for a friend who had some problem with his teeth. I think this is because writing center appointments are a one on one experience, and so you get to talk to a professional about the problem you are having, and get a solution. And I mean really good writing center appointments.

The problem is that we don’t actually get to talk to a person. We get to talk to a professional, and then we get to have a professional do a professional thing with our teeth. We have to wait until the professionals are finished with their work, but I’m not sure there is a way to actually get to the professionals.


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