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The Scrivener app is a word processor that has been specifically designed for writers of long-form articles, books, and novels. Unlike other word processors, it carries some features that make it easy to use. It allows users to organize and create content that can be divided into many chapters and other subdivisions. It makes the process of organizing content and thoughts and makes sections more accessible.

This Scrivener review will discuss the different features of the word processor, its advantages and disadvantages and offer a simple explanation on how to use Scrivener.

About Scrivener

Scrivener 3 is a product of  Literature & Latte, a software company that was founded by writers. As writers, the founders of the company knew that there is a need for writing software that can make the organizing of the content easier. Instead of just scrolling through the sheet to find a specific part of the writing, the Scrivener software organizes and makes it easier for a writer to write and edit a project. 

It doesn’t matter how long the content is, the software can handle long projects in the same way that it deals with shorter ones. Introduced in 2007, the software now is in its third version.

Main Features of Scrivener 

What are the features that make Scrivener so special? Here are the main ones:

  • Projects

When you are using Scrivener, the files that you will be working on are not called documents, instead, they are known as Projects. That’s a more apt term because each Project can house multiple files and documents. That makes it so much easier for writers who require notes when writing pieces. 

When using Scrivener, you will not have to switch from one document to another just to view your notes and to go on with writing. You can include all the resources that you are using within Scrivener, so the whole writing process is faster and smoother.

  • Customizable Toolbar

Scrivener has a large number of tools that you can use for writing your project and learning about all of those tools can take time. Once you have learned more about the tools and the features you can customize the toolbar of the software. You can place the tools which you use most often right at the top section of the software for easy access.

  • Project Targets

Are you the kind of writer who thrives when there are writing targets and goals that are set? You can use Scrivener to remind you about the personal goals and deadlines. The software has progress bars that you can activate and some notifications can tell you about the amount of progress that you are making with a project.

  • View Multiple Documents at Once

A major limitation when you are using other word processors is that you can only view and work on one document at a time. You can minimize the size of the windows of the documents but that would lessen what you can see and make you less efficient.

With Scrivener, you can view and work on up to four documents at any given time. That’s the digital equivalent of spreading notes and documents on a desk or maybe creating a storyboard. That can give you a clear idea as to where your project is headed at the moment.

  • File Import

Most long writing projects require a lot of resources for the research. The Scrivener writing software makes life easy for its users by allowing them unlimited uploading of files. It allows the uploading of most file types ranging from text to audio. 

By having all the resources in one central location, you can easily go on with your project.

  • Composition Mode

One of the biggest problems faced by any writer is the distraction presented by the internet. It can be tempting to view videos and to use social media for a few minutes and then you can end up wasting your whole hour without being able to write anything.

Scrivener provides a solution to that problem with its Composition Mode. with this mode, you are tuning out access to anything else so you can focus on the internet.

  • Comments, Notes, and More

As you are writing your book, something might occur to you that you cannot incorporate into what you are writing immediately. A thought might pop up which would require additional research, with the comments and notes feature of Scrivener, you can take note of that thought and go back to it later on.

You can also leave comments for specific sections of the document you are working on so you can go back to it when you are editing.

  • Snapshots

Revising your project is easy with Scrivener. You can just take a picture of the document and then start revising it. If later on, you are unhappy with the revision which you implemented, you can view the picture of the old version and use that to rewrite the document or you can just use a shortcut to revert to the older version.

  • Corkboard and Outliner

Scrivener makes it easy for you to organize files so you can identify which ones you need right away. The Corkboard and Outliner modes work just like actual cork boards where you can organize your ideas.

  • Compilation

Think your project is ready for the next step? You can compile the project that you are working on and export it as a PDF or other formats that can make it accessible for readers and even for printing.

These are just ten of the main features of Scrivener 3 Windows that you should know about.

Advantages of Using Scrivener 

What are the advantages of using Scrivener over other word processors?

The main one is that it has so many features that make the whole writing process so much easier. You can tell that the software was created by writers who have a clear understanding of the pain points of writers. It makes it easier for users to create each project from start to finish.

Another advantage that it offers is the cross-platform support for the software. Other tools for writers like Vellum, for example, are only available to Mac users. There are Scrivener Mac versions and Scrivener for Android devices as well. Of course, you can use it on your PC too.

The only downside perhaps is that because of the abundance of features and tools, there is a steep learning curve in using the software. But you can easily access a scrivener tutorial video to learn more about it.

Scrivener Cost

Now that you know all about the features and benefits of using the software, the next thing you need to know how much it would cost you to subscribe. Here is the pricing for the software:

  • Scrivener for macOS – $49 (Standard license), $41.65 (Educational License)
  • Scrivener for Windows –  $45 (Standard license), $38.25 (Educational License)
  • Scrivener for iOS –  $19.99
  • Bundle price for both Windows and Mac – $80

Overall,  Scrivener is one of the best writing tools available online right now. It identifies most of the problems faced by writers and provides a solution for those. If you’re a writer, you should look for a Scrivener download now or you can read more Scrivener reviews like this one to get additional details regarding this tool.

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