This is a beautiful picture of the lake at the end of the summer, but I’m going to focus on the colors now. All I know is that it’s the colors that make me smile, and that’s what I’m going to focus on this month.

A good start to this summer.

A look at the new trailer for the new game. It’s about 7-9 hours after it’s released. This trailer is about as good as you can get, and it’s as good as they get.

The new game is based on the original game from a decade ago and tells the story of a young man who just woke up on a beach without any memories of who he is or why he’s there, and he’s given a simple task – to kill the Visionaries, the party-loving Visionaries who have locked a small island into one repeating day so that they can get all pissy about it for eternity.

It looks like purdue’s taking its time, and while it’s not yet ready for the big screen, this trailer is enough to whet your appetite for the game’s release.

This trailer is still in its early stages. Its a bit blurry and the characters don’t appear to be moving much, but it looks like a great, unique game that will surely be a welcome addition to the purdu family.

Deathloop is scheduled to be released in early 2014, and as of now there is no word on when either the game or the cinematic trailer will be available for purchase.

Its a bit of an odd moment coming from Purdu because it seems like they’re a bit of a weird family, but the guy who did the video above seems to be a pretty decent guy. I’d like to believe that he’s a really good friend of the writer’s, and that he’s the creative team behind the game.

Deathloop is a puzzle game, sort of a cross between a first-person shooter and a point-and-click adventure. That means its designed to be played from a first-person perspective. That means death is really important. Deathloop is pretty much the same as all first-person shooters, but instead of simply being a shooter its part of a different genre.

Deathloop is the sort of game that I often think about when I play first-person shooters, and I think it’s one of those games where the player is in control of their destiny. They have complete control of the game and the camera moves around, but they are still able to act in many ways.


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