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Writing an essay is one of the most common problems in studying. If studying the exact sciences and solving problems requires strict adherence to the algorithm and knowledge of the formula, then writing an essay is much more difficult. This is the flight of fancy, the play of words and meanings. And let some people say that they have no imagination, even they will be able to write a beautiful essay, following certain tips.

The plan of writing an essay


To start a work of art is a bit remote, but it should not be stretched out. A few suggestions that will smoothly lead the reader to the main thing – the very thing. As a rule, this is a general view of the problem.

The main idea

Next, it is necessary to formulate a thesis based on the proposed theme for the essay. The thesis is the main idea, which the author proves in the following text. Here there is a place of severity and conciseness. It is better to formulate it briefly and close to the topic. A correctly formulated thesis will help the author to “push back” to write a beautiful and structured essay.

The main idea can be “crystallized” by simply agreeing or disagreeing with the problem, question or solution proposed in the subject. The use of the phrases “I think…”, “I think…”, “Everyone knows exactly…”, etc. will be successful.


The author’s opinion requires logical confirmation. Therefore, it is necessary to explain in a couple of sentences the chosen position. The arguments should be logical and consistent. Care should be taken to ensure that the author does not misrepresent himself in the text. The use of personal speech is also appropriate here.


Successfully chosen examples will help to confirm the arguments put forward. It all depends on the readability and education of the author. Examples from the literature, which successfully emphasize the choice of the author, will give the composition of imagery and coherence.

But do not limit yourself to just literary examples. History is also rich in cases that may be suitable for the presentation of the main idea of the essay. It is enough to look a little wider: isn’t there a successful example in music, painting, even in sports, illustrating the correctness of the author’s thinking?

However, to beautifully emphasize the main idea, you can also set an example from your own life. It is enough to “decorate” it with beautiful turns. In this part of the text, however, many people overbend the stick with the magnificent sentences. In order to write a beautiful composition, you do not need to use a thousand artistic means that lead away from the essence. The main thing is to stick to the themes of the composition and know the measure of the words (many teachers do not like the excessive, albeit beautiful, “fullness” of the works).


And, of course, it is very important to draw a correct and clear conclusion. It should be clearly stated and logically derived from what was said in the previous text. This part may be the smallest (or comparable with the introduction) part of the work. But it should contain the so-called “juice”, morality, etc. This can be achieved by briefly arguing the chosen thesis once again.

Although some subjects may require a certain lack of explanation – this technique is well suited for completing works on abstract topics. In this case, the conclusion should be arranged in such a way that the reader can think of the end.

In addition

When writing an essay, I always want to decorate it beautifully, to present the main idea with magnificent words and bright images. This can be done with the help of quotations from various literary works, one of which can even be taken as an epigraph.

Artistic means (epithets, metaphors, hyperboles, etc.) will also help to “decorate” the work, but, as has already been said, in their use you need to know the measure – better less imagery, but on the subject. Teachers will appreciate it.

Well, in general, to write beautifully, you need to read more, then the words will be on their own.


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