I’ve been asked this a few times – how long does it take to type a letter? I’ve never been able to write a letter faster than a minute, and I write one letter per minute on average. But I’m not sure how long it actually takes to write a letter. When I was learning this, I wrote a letter to my dad every day for about a week.

I’m not gonna do that. I know my dad would be livid if I even mentioned it.

It takes a lot of time to write a letter.

I once asked someone how long it took to write a letter. She replied, “It depends.” It seemed like a while, but I’m not sure that was true.

I’ve heard this before from the likes of David Foster Wallace. The idea is that when a letter is written without a pause, it takes longer to write than a letter that pauses for a moment. That is because when a letter is written without a pause, it’s not really writing at all. It’s just a thought passing through your mind. When a letter pauses for a moment, it’s actually writing.

This is true. When you pause your writing the thinking process stops, and the letter is ready to be sent out.

Writing without a pause is a bit like having your brain removed and replaced with a new one. This is similar to the idea of having your brain removed and replaced with an external brain. This is true because, to be honest, I think there are a lot of writers who really do pause their writing. Although, the idea is that when you use external brain, you only pause for a moment.

If you pause your writing while writing it’s still a bit like when you stop writing. It’s a bit like when you pause your writing while writing a sentence. It’s not a perfect pause, but it’s still pretty much the same.

Well, you can definitely pause writing while writing, but you can also pause while writing with your left hand. The act of pausing with your left hand is called left-hand pause.

If you ever feel that your writing is out of control, then left-hand pause is the way to go. As you write, you have a lot of pauses between words. If you pause with your left hand, then you know when you’re done and can go back to it. Its a bit like when you write with your right hand as you do that.


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