I am a member of the Gang Writers’ group that writes short stories about various gang members in Austin. My story is called “The Misfits” and it’s a story about a group of high school girls that go through a break-up.

The Misfits is not a story about a gang; it is a story about a girls, that don’t want to give up their childhood dreams of playing basketball for the local school. It’s a story about the girls trying to make it through high school on their own and dealing with the pressures of being the last person to have their dream come true.

The girls are the central characters of the story, but the story is really about the girls and the people who surround them. We see the girls from their perspectives through their eyes as well. We get to see how they deal with the pressures that come along with being the last person to have their dream come true.

The girl that is the most central to this story is the girl written as a character by the director of the film. She is written as a sort of “cooler” girl — someone who is not a “loner.” She’s not always popular — she’s just a pretty girl who has it easy. But just because she isn’t the popular kid, doesn’t mean she isn’t a good person.

The other main girl we see is a friend of the director. She is a pretty girl who is also a gang member and a girl who is very down to earth. She gets along with everyone, and is always willing to help out her friends no matter how scared it makes them. She is a bit of a tomboy with her own ideas to bring about change in the gang. She has a lot of potential, and is a good character to write.

I like the character arc, she is the good girl, but she’s the one who isn’t the popular one. She isn’t always ready to help out her friends on their bad day, because she is the gang member and she is scared for her safety. And she’s not the type to be really supportive or really willing to help out other people on their bad day.

I think the character can be a bit of a selfish person. She is trying to change the gang, and if she can’t do it herself, she may not be able to change it. She is also self righteous, and she may not always be the most supportive person in the gang.

It depends on the character. I am not a huge fan of the character, because she is trying to take over the gang. However, I do like her in that she does help out other people. She is not the type to be a real friend, but she may be the type to be the friend that you would like to have.

If there is a character that you would like to have a friend, but she doesn’t have a friend, then she may be the type that you would be willing to be friends with. I don’t know what the character’s problem is, but she is a selfish person that does not want to help out the gang. However, she may be the kind of person that you would find to be a close friend.

As a character who has a life outside of herself, she is not someone to root for. I do like her, but I dont consider her a friend.


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