I love this poem by Eminem.

Eminem wrote this poem about a year after he decided to stop rapping, which is a whole other story.

Eminem is the most famous lyricist of the 80’s, most of his career, but he also wrote some really great lyrics about his life and the music and lyrics he uses.

Eminem thinks “Eminem is the most famous lyricist of the 80s.” He called this “a song about rapping.” I don’t think anyone else has ever read Eminem’s lyrics.

This is a song about rapping and that is a good thing. There is no other word that rhymes with rapping.

Eminem doesn’t have any rapping songs in his resume. He has a song called “I’m Not a Human Being” about his sexuality and the lyrics are pretty straightforward. But his lyrics about his sexuality are definitely about rapping. The only other place I can ever think of rapping is the rappers that have music and the rappers that have music are the ones that use the most lyrics. Eminem is the best rapper ever, and he has some of the best lyrics.

Eminem is one of those rappers that rhymes with rapping, but he doesnt use the most lyrics, and the reason is because he doesnt have to. He doesnt have to go and use lyrics to tell his stories. Eminem’s most notable line is “Gotta get into the rap game”, which is a very clear statement.

Eminem is obviously a great rapper, and he obviously has a great ability to rap, but sometimes his rhymes are just too long. I dont think rapping is that hard though, and Ive always thought it would be cool to just write a book about eminem and his life, or something. I dont think he would read it though, because one of the things that makes me love him is his humility. I cant think of a more humble person than eminem.

I dont think anyone has ever read anything about eminem, and I dont think he is as talented as he sounds or looks. Ive always thought that he would write about eminem, but he sounds too much like a great rapper.

I think it would be cool if he wrote a book that was less about his life and more about him. If there was a book about eminem that was less about him and more about the other rappers, maybe it would feel more like a documentary. I know there’s no way that anyone would like a book about eminem. Though I dont know how you could make that happen either.


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