In the world of writing, there are so many examples of great writing I can’t even choose just three. I’ll give you three though, because that’s just the number of great examples I know. These 3 examples are so good that I want to give them props and not just write them about them.

1) “The Most Dangerous Man in America”, by John Updike.

Updike is one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century. The “most dangerous” man in America is a real person who we’ve been shown is a sociopath. It’s kind of an ironic title for a book to be called “The Most Dangerous Man in America.” The idea of an American that is so dangerous that he will kill for a living is pretty far fetched. But I love this book, it’s so full of great writing and I adore the author.

The most dangerous man in America is a bit of a stretch, but if you want a glimpse into Updike’s mind, check out this clip from his book, The Most Dangerous Man in America that we embedded in the video above. Updike is discussing our recent president, and how he will eventually kill an American if he doesn’t get his way.

If you look at the video above, it’s pretty much the same guy we saw last night when the episode was aired. He’s right in the middle of something that looks like a huge death switch (the video above is a clip from the episode) and he’s actually being held hostage by a big man. We know this because we talked to him in his phone a few minutes ago. It’s really hard to believe he’s holding the hostage from the moment he speaks that line of dialogue.

When asked about the incident, he said he had no idea what he was doing. Not to mention we could see him looking at the camera, looking at us, and saying, “There’s some stupid assholes on this show, I don’t even know half of what I’m talking about.” It’s also worth mentioning that we’ve talked to a few people that have been on the show who have said they had no idea what was going on.

Its hard to believe that someone who is supposed to be so well spoken and witty could actually be so stupid. We will never know, but it looks like he was a lot smarter than we thought.

We won’t know if this is a sign that Colt is on a downward spiral because he’s had so many ups and downs throughout the series, but at least we can now see that it could be.

You can probably guess that Colt is the main reason we wanted to watch the latest Deathloop trailer. It was just as interesting as the previous ones.


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