I use the phrase “to burn after writing sharon jones” in my writing because it means that I’m always writing sharon jones.

When I write sharon jones, I usually write something that says, “Sharon wants to kill me.” I don’t have the patience to write sharon jones in one day, so I write it in a way that makes it sound fun.

Sharon Jones is a famous author and a prominent critic of the New York Times, so I’m sure you already knew that I’m a big fan of her. Even though Sharon has been a public critic of the New York Times, she hasn’t been in any of their headlines. Recently, however, she has been getting a lot of kudos from the literary community and has been even featured on our site in a recent article.

In the article, Sharon Jsays that she wrote a very funny, and very provocative book called “The Last Five Minutes of Sharyn Jones” that “has the power to change the way you read fiction.” And it seems that it has.

I agree that, unlike her book, it’s not something that we will ever attempt to write.


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