If you have worked with us before you should be familiar with our Express Contract. Basically, a contract is a contract. It’s a legally binding contract between you and your company that binds you to a set of terms. We do not sell you a product. We sell you a contract.

The company that owns your business is often known as a “business partner” of the company. This means that a business partner owns the rights to your business. We have many business partners, but sometimes we want to call them business partners.

In this example we have a business partner, a customer. The customer is not sure exactly what the contract means. So we can’t really say what the contract means; we have to know what the contract means for us. It’s like we’re writing a contract for someone else, and we have to know what the contract means for us. We’ll just write it for you, and you’ll just know what the contract means for us.

If you have a business partner and you want to give them a contract for a given contract or something, then write the contract for them. It will be one for them and if they get pissed off they’ll probably quit. We say there’s nothing wrong with that sort of thing. You don’t have to put it on paper and say, “This is the contract I wrote for your business that says I can’t have a contract.

What the contract has to say is, “You keep this contract, I wont do anything to you.” Thats what you need to put in writing.

A few years ago I wrote a memo to the business partners saying, “Get them a contract.” They had only two options. You and I would either come out on top or get a contract and we’d use the first option. If we got a contract and it didn’t work, then we’d give it to you.

I know I should have tried to write this memo down before we went into the meeting because I was supposed to just say the contract thing, but I couldn’t think of anything to say in that memo other than “You keep this contract, I cant have a contract”. The first option was to say, “You keep this contract and we call it a day.

The second option was much more interesting. If I were the one who was trying to write a memo rather than you, I guess I would do this. You keep this contract and I will not sign the contract. Because if you did this, you would get what you want and I would get what I want. You might even sign the contract so I will not sign the contract.

The third option was for us to say, No, this contract is a contract. I mean, we really can’t really talk about this, this contract is there to make sure I make it up. But for us, this contract is the most important part of our life. We don’t have to decide if it’s a contract, a contract on how we want to live, or something else.


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