When I started writing some of my reviews I noticed that the list of criteria for these reviews is pretty big. I was also very surprised that the website had the list of criteria I would have used to find and write reviews. I’m going to be creating my own criteria in a minute.

I actually wrote a review for one site that does not follow these criteria (it’s not on the list), so I feel like there’s no harm in giving my opinion on how these sites should be reviewed and what I think is important.

If you’re writing a review for one site, you don’t have to be a fan of the whole thing. I really like it.

I think it’s great to be a fan or a critic of a website, but when you’re writing a review, you have to be on the same page as the writer. How you write a review is more important than the site itself. I don’t really have a problem with a reviewer being a fan or trying to prove a point.

I think the problem is when a reviewer is going to be a fan of the site, or trying to prove a point, they are going to end up being a “fan” of the site. This is not good because you are going to come across like a jackass, and because you are going to take the site for what it is trying to be, rather than what it actually is.

Myself, I think that’s really bad. Fans are generally nice to each other so what you gain from being a fan, I think you lose. As a fan of what a site is trying to be, I think you gain. I think you gain because I think you will be more likely to read the site if you are invested in it. As a reviewer, I think you gain because I think you are going to read my reviews and find out what the site is trying to be.

I’m not sure that I would even consider it a fan’s site. I’m going to go ahead and read it. I think you will find it entertaining.

I’m not going to give the site a thumbs up though.

So to sum up, this is a website that is trying to be a site that is trying to be a site that is trying to be a site that no one is going to read. I think most of the writers that are on it are likely to have a hard time justifying giving their sites a pass if it’s not “their” site.


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